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"I just started this writing project about body image, which I hope to turn into a performance piece, and really need the input of as many people as possible to make this work the way I want it to. I’ve created this survey about body image. Please take it if you have time and share it. You can leave as many questions blank as you need to, and it’s totally anonymous and confidential. I will be the only one who sees your answers and will have no way of knowing that they’re yours. Thank you! http://eSurv.org/?u=bodyimagesurvey
If you don’t feel comfortable doing the survey please just reblog it."
Xena Zeit-Geist, Obscene Warrior Queen:   (via xenazeitgeist)

I’ve gotten close to 80 responses so far but still need more! Please keep sharing and filling out the survey :)

(via xenazeitgeist)

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